From Lighting To Bayonetta: Strong Female Video Game Characters

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These days, most video games feature male protagonists and heroes. Female characters are often relegated supporting roles. Such women aren’t always strong or intelligent either. The video gaming industry often supports norms by objectifying women rather than challenging such notions. Fortunately, a handful of strong female characters are present in blockbuster games today. More and more titles will hopefully feature strong female leads in the future, though.

For instance, Final Fantasy XIII and its sequels include strong women front and center.Didn’t catch that? Read more…

What To Expect From Lightning Returns

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Online gaming is a great way to relax at the end of a hard day. There are online games that offer a variety of styles to suit your needs. If you want a competitive game, then RTS games and first person shooters are great for that. If you want to take it slow and relax a bit more, building games are a fun way to show off your creative side.

Online gaming requires a good Internet connection to get the most Read more…

Will Xbox Maintain Its Famous Achievement System?

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The new Xbox One is generating a lot of buzz in the gaming industry for good and bad reasons. One of the main questions surrounding Microsoft’s latest console debates the achievement system. Accomplishing certain feats in the Xbox games is one of the features that Xbox gamers enjoy the most from the system. It’s definitely possible that these achievements will carry over into the new system, but some people say it will disappear. The Xbox One will not have backwards Read more…

Looking Back At The Final Fantasy XIII Series

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The Final Fantasy XIII series looks to end with “Lightning Returns,” the last of the three-part saga that began three years ago. “Final Fantasy XIII” revolves around Claire “Lightning” Farron, an ex-Guardian Corps soldier who leads a mutiny on board a train full of a passengers whom the leader of the planet seeks to purge from the population. Lightning is out to save her sister Serah, but she soon finds herself thrust with five others, including two mysterious women with a cloudy past, in a Read more…

Bayonetta 2: Sexier And Deadlier Than Ever

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Bayonetta is back, or will be shortly. Recent gameplay trailers and screenshots released by Nintendo show some stylistic changes to the title character for this upcoming release. The heroine of the story has opted for shorter hair in this release, but the skin-tight outfit is still there. She’s also swapped out the purple guns attached to her heels for blue this time. Graphically the game looks beautiful from the screenshots available, and there are rumors that a two-player mode Read more…